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QIAgility Accessories

For rapid, high-precision automated PCR setup on the QIAgility

  • Elimination of manual pipetting steps
  • Automated PCR setup in all formats
  • Standardized results and increased productivity

QIAgility accessories are for use with the QIAgility for rapid, high-precision PCR setup.

Артикул: 9018910
Rotor-Disc 72 Loading Block
Aluminium block for manual and automated reaction setup in Rotor-Disc 72 discs
Артикул: 9018917
Adapter, 72x0.1ml Strip Tubes
For holding 72 x 0.1 ml Strip Tubes; tubes will fill a 72-Well Rotor (cat. no. 9018903)
Артикул: 9018918
Adapter, 36x0.2ml PCR Tubes
For holding 36 x 0.2 ml PCR tubes; tubes will fill a 36-Well Rotor (cat. no. 9018907)
Артикул: 901891
Adapter, 96x0.2ml PCR Tubes
For holding 96 x 0.2 ml PCR tubes
Артикул: 9018920
Adapter, 36x0.5ml PCR Tubes
For holding 36 x 0.5 ml PCR Tubes; tubes are offset to make space for caps
Артикул: 9018921
Adapter, 48x0.5ml Tubes
For holding 48 x 0.5 ml Tubes
Артикул: 9018925
Adapter, 33x1.5ml, Tapered-Base Tubes
For holding 33 x 1.5 ml Tapered-Base Tubes
Артикул: 9018927
Adapter, Flip-Cap 32x1.5ml Tapered-Base
For holding 32 x 1.5 ml Tapered-Base Tubes; caps held vertically to enable access by the instrument; to be used in combination with the Flip-Cap Tube Lifter 32 x 1.5ml Tapered (cat. no. 9018950); a “virtual block” that holds 96 x 1.5 ml tubes can be configured using 3 adjacent adapters
Артикул: 9018929
Adapter, 33x1.8ml Screwtop Flat-Base Cryo Vials
For holding 33 x 1.8 ml Nalgene or Corning Cryogenic Vials
Артикул: 9018930
Adapter, 33x2ml Flat-Base Tubes
For holding 33 x 2 ml Flat-Base Tubes
Артикул: 9018934
Adapter, 24x5ml Flat-Base Tubes
For holding 24 x 5 ml Flat-Base Tubes
Артикул: 9018935
Adapter, Reagent Trough SBS Plate
For holding combinations of 70 ml and 170 ml Reagent Troughs (cat. nos. 990554, 990556) in the SBS-standard plate position on the instrument worktable
Артикул: 9018936
Adapter, 16 tube-rack Cepheid Smartcycler
For holding 16 x SmartCycler Reaction Tubes; for use with the Cepheid SmartCycler
Артикул: 9018937
Adapter, Light Cycler 480 96-Well Plate
For use with the Roche LightCycler 480; 96-well plate; wells hold 10–100 µl; plate has an orientation pin and a “front” indicator
Артикул: 9018939
Adapter, LightCycler 96 Capillary Rack
For holding 1 x rack box of 96 Roche LightCycler Capillaries
Артикул: 9018941
Adapter, COBAS TaqMan® 48 Plates
For use with the COBAS TaqMan® 48 Analyzer; holds 2 x K-carriers with K-tubes
Артикул: 9018942
Adapter, 2xRing of 12 COBAS AMPLICOR
Holds 2 rings of 12 x 0.2 ml tubes; for use with the COBAS AMPLICOR Analyzer
Артикул: 9020287
Loading Block, Rotor-Disc 100 Easylift
Aluminium block for manual and automated reaction setup in Rotor-Disc 100 discs. The block covers 2 standard SBS positions in a vertical orientation on the QIAgility instrument worktable; ejection of the Rotor-Disc 100 is made convenient by using the Easylift ejector (cat. no. 9020286)
Артикул: 9020286
Loading Block, Rotor-Disc 100 Easylift Ejector
Ejector to be used in combination with Loading Block, Rotor-Disc 100 Easylift (cat. no. 9020287)
Артикул: 9020285
Cooling Block, Housing
Cooling Block; Housing for use in combination with Cooling Block Insert (cat. no. 9020284)
Артикул: 9020284
Cooling Block, Insert
Cooling Block; for cooling SBS plates; add water to cooling block and allow to freeze; remove from freezer and stand for 10 minutes before use; fits in housing (cat. no. 9020285)