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QIAxcel DNA Kits

For automated analysis of DNA fragments using QIAxcel instruments

  • Safety and convenience with ready-to-use gel cartridges
  • Streamlined workflow minimizes analysis time
  • Robust results for nucleic acid concentrations as low as 0.1 ng/µl
  • Accurate analyses with resolution down to 3–5 bp
  • Standardized processing with digital data collection

QIAxcel instruments, when used in conjunction with QIAxcel DNA Kits, provide fully automated size separation and quantification of DNA fragments in up to 96 samples per run. QIAxcel technology, based on capillary electrophoresis using gel cartridges, provides unmatched resolution, speed, and throughput. QIAxcel gel cartridges are reusable, allowing up to 250 runs of 12 samples to be performed. Preinstalled methods suitable for most applications are provided. QIAGEN can also create customized methods for users.

The QIAxcel DNA Kits are only used in combination with the QIAxcel Advanced System and the QIAxcel DNA Accessories.

Артикул: 929008
QIAxcel DNA Fast Analysis Kit (3000)
QIAxcel DNA Fast Analysis Cartridge, Buffers, Mineral Oil, QX Intensity Calibration Marker, QX DNA Size Marker 50 bp – 1.5 kb, QX Alignment Marker 15 bp/3 kb, 12-Tube Strips
Артикул: 929004
QIAxcel DNA Screening Kit (2400)
QIAxcel DNA Screening Gel Cartridge, Buffers, Mineral Oil, QX Intensity Calibration Marker, 12-Tube Strips
Артикул: 929002
QIAxcel DNA High Resolution Kit (1200)
QIAxcel DNA High Resolution Gel Cartridge, Buffers, Mineral Oil, QX Intensity Calibration Marker, 12-Tube Strips

Reduced run times.

Nucleic acid separation on the QIAxcel Advanced System, using the QIAxcel DNA High Resolution Kit takes less than 10% of the time of conventional high-resolution agarose.

Sensitive detection of a mutated cancer-related gene.

The indicated amounts of DNA extracted from a lymphoma related cell line (Ramos) were spiked into human leukocyte DNA and the mutated Ramos target was detected together with 2 internal controls. Using the Type-it Mutation Detect PCR Kit, the mutated gene was detected even when only 25 pg of DNA was present. [A] Electrophoresis was performed on a 1.3% agarose gel. [B] Electrophoresis was performed on the QIAxcel Advanced System using the QIAxcel High Resolution Kit. M: 100 bp ladder.

High-resolution analysis of multiplex PCR samples.

PCR products were generated using the QIAGEN Multiplex PCR Kit according to the standard protocol. PCR samples (13 µl) were analyzed [A] on a 2% agarose gel and [B] and [C] using the QIAxcel system with the QIAxcel DNA High Resolution gel cartridge and the preinstalled OM500 method. [B] The gel image produced by the QIAxcel system shows much higher resolution than the agarose gel. [C] Each sample lane can be visualized individually in electropherogram form. Lane 7 is shown.

Screenshot showing data from PCR fragment analysis.

PCR products from a standard PCR were directly analyzed using the QIAxcel DNA Fast Analysis Kit without prior purification.

Sample separation process.

Nucleic acid molecules are separated according to size in gel-filled capillaries.


Easy high-resolution analysis

Genotyping organisms, PCR-based cDNA library screening, and many other biomedical research and molecular biology applications require discrimination of PCR fragments that vary in size by a small number of base pairs. The QIAxcel High Resolution Kit, in combination with QIAxcel instruments, allows analysis of DNA fragments between 15 bp and 5 kb in size. Fragments smaller than 500 bp can be separated with a resolution of 3–5 bp, providing greater confidence in data interpretation than is possible with conventional high-resolution agarose gel electrophoresis. At a detection sensitivity of 0.1 ng/µl DNA in undiluted amplification reactions, QIAxcel instruments offer more robust results with less sample input material.

The QIAxcel DNA Screening Kit is highly suited for routine evaluation of fragments for restriction endonuclease digestion, qualitative singleplex or multiplex PCR, and other DNA applications. The use of gel cartridges for DNA screening streamlines the lab workflow by minimizing analysis time for fragments of 15 bp to 5 kb in size - 96 samples are processed in approximately 1 hour. A resolution of 20–50 bp can be obtained for fragments smaller than 1 kb. Sample consumption is less than 0.1 µl, leaving virtually all of your precious sample for further downstream use.

The QIAxcel DNA Fast Analysis Kit is highly suited for routine evaluation of DNA fragments in qualitative single or multiplex PCR applications. Use of gel cartridges for DNA screening streamlines the lab workflow by minimizing analysis time for fragments of 15 bp to 3 kb in size — 12 samples are processed in just 3 minutes and 96 samples in approximately 25 minutes. A resolution of down to 50 bp can be achieved with the QIAxcel DNA Fast Analysis gel cartridge, while sample consumption is less than 0.1 ?l.


QIAxcel instruments use capillary gel electrophoresis to enable fast size-based separation of nucleic acids. Unlike traditional agarose gel electrophoresis, separation is performed in a capillary of a ready-to-use gel cartridge. The samples are automatically loaded into an individual capillary and voltage is applied. The negatively charged nucleic acid molecules migrate through the capillary to the positively charged terminus. As with agarose gel electrophoresis, low-molecular-weight molecules migrate faster than high-molecular-weight molecules. As the molecules migrate through the capillary, they pass a detector which detects and measures the fluorescent signal. A photomultiplier converts the fluorescent signal into electronic data, which are then transferred to the computer for further processing using QIAxcel ScreenGel software. After processing, the data are displayed as an electropherogram or gel image.


QIAxcel DNA Kits simplify separation and analysis of DNA fragments, and provide increased user safety. Just a few simple steps are required: load the gel cartridge, fill and load the buffer tray, load the samples in 96-well plates or in PCR tubes or strips, select the process profile to be used - and go! Tedious gel preparation and extensive user training are eliminated, streamlining the workflow and facilitating integration of the system into the daily lab routine. Within minutes of starting a run, the first results appear in real time on the computer screen.


Preprogrammed methods, in combination with the corresponding gel cartridges, allow separation and analysis of a variety of nucleic acids, including single or multiple PCR fragments, DNA digested with restriction endonucleases, and synthesized oligonucleotides.

Analyte DNA
Applications QIAxcel DNA High Resolution Kit: High-resolution genotyping; QIAxcel DNA Screening Kit: Fast PCR screening; QIAxcel DNA Fast Analysis Kit: Fast PCR screening
Fragment size QIAxcel DNA Screening Kit: 15 bp-5 kb; QIAxcel DNA High Resolution Kit: 15 bp-5 kb and 5-10 kb; QIAxcel DNA Fast Analysis Kit: 15 bp–3 kb
Run time QIAxcel DNA High Resolution Kit: 7-12 min; QIAxcel DNA Screening Kit: 96 samples in 1 hour; QIAxcel DNA Fast Analysis Kit: 96 samples in 25 min