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Rotor-Gene Probe PCR Kit

For ultrafast, real-time PCR and two-step RT-PCR using sequence-specific probes

  • Sensitive detection of even low copy numbers
  • Accurate detection of a wide range of template amounts
  • Optimized for ultrafast, reliable results on Rotor-Gene cyclers
  • Specially formulated, ready-to-use master mix for fast cycling

The Rotor-Gene Probe PCR Kit is designed for use with the Rotor-Gene Q and other Rotor-Gene cyclers, providing ultrafast, highly sensitive quantification of gDNA and cDNA targets with real-time PCR and two-step RT-PCR using sequence-specific probes. Outstanding performance is achieved through the combination of a specially optimized master mix and the unique Rotor-Gene cycler. For convenience, the master mix can be stored at 2–8°C.

Артикул: 204374
Rotor-Gene Probe PCR Kit (400)
For 400 x 25 µl reactions: 3 x 1.7 ml 2x Rotor-Gene Probe PCR Master Mix, 2 x 2 ml RNase-Free Water


The Rotor-Gene Probe PCR Kit is well suited for use in quantitative PCR analysis, and provides reliable detection over a wide range of templates .

Reliable detection over a wide dynamic range

Copies Mean CT CT difference
1,000,000,000 5.11 3.07
100,000,000 8.18 3.39
10,000,000 11.57 3.04
1,000,000 14.61 3.68
100,000 18.29 3.28
10,000 21.57 3.68
1,000 25.25 3.06
100 28.31 3.43
10 31.74
Efficiency 0.99
Linearity 1
Real-time PCR was carried out using ten-fold dilutions of plasmid DNA (109 to 10 copies) and a self-designed TaqMan® assay for PPIA (cyclophilin A).


The Rotor-Gene Probe PCR Kit enables reliable real-time two-step RT-PCR quantification on the Rotor-Gene Q without the need for optimization of reaction and cycling conditions. The kit is designed for use with hydrolysis probes (e.g., TaqMan® probes). Highly specific amplification is assured through a balanced combination of K+ and NH4+ ions, which promote specific primer annealing, enabling high PCR specificity and sensitivity. Fast cycling without compromising performance is achieved using Q-Bond, a novel PCR additive that enables cycler run times of as low as 45 minutes.

Components of 2x Rotor-Gene Probe PCR Kit*

Component Features Benefits
HotStarTaq Plus DNA Polymerase 5 min activation at 95?C Set up of qPCR reactions at room temperature
Rotor-Gene Probe PCR Buffer Balanced combination of NH4+ and K+ ions Specific primer annealing ensures reliable qPCR results
Unique Q-Bond additive Faster PCR run times enable faster results and more reactions per day
* Also contains dNTP mix (dATP, dCTP, dGTP, dTTP).


The ready-to-use Rotor-Gene Probe PCR Master Mix eliminates the need for optimization of reaction and cycling conditions. Just add template DNA, primers, and probe to the master mix and program the cycler. Instructions are provided in the detailed handbook supplied with the kit.

Hydrolysis probes (e.g., TaqMan® probes) can be used in combination with the Rotor-Gene Probe PCR Kit on the Rotor-Gene Q for fast and sensitive quantification — simply add the primer-probe mix and template to the master mix.

For optimal results in real-time two-step RT-PCR, we recommend synthesizing cDNA using the QuantiTect Reverse Transcription Kit. The kit provides fast cDNA synthesis in just 20 minutes with integrated removal of genomic DNA contamination.


The Rotor-Gene Probe PCR Kit is for fast, real-time PCR and two-step RT-PCR of gDNA or cDNA targets using sequence-specific probes on the Rotor-Gene Q. It is also compatible with Rotor-Gene 3000 and the Rotor-Gene 6000 cyclers.

For ultrafast, one-step qRT-PCR gene expression analysis of RNA targets using sequence-specific probes on Rotor-Gene cyclers, use the Rotor-Gene Probe RT-PCR Kit.

Applications Real-time quantification of genomic DNA or cDNA targets
Description For ultrafast quantitative real-time PCR and two-step RT-PCR using sequence-specific probes
Reaction type Real-time PCR and two-step RT-PCR
Real-time or endpoint Real-time
Sample/target type DNA, cDNA
Single or multiplex Single
SYBR Green I or sequence-specific probes Sequence-specific probes
Thermal cycler Rotor-Gene Q, Rotor-Gene 3000, Rotor-Gene 6000
With or without ROX Without ROX dye