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PyroMark Buffers and Solutions

For optimal preparation and analysis of template DNA by Pyrosequencing

Generating Pyrosequencing templates from PCR amplicons is fast and straightforward with the PyroMark vacuum workstation. These buffers and solutions are specifically designed for this purpose. PyroMark Binding Buffer facilitates binding of biotinylated PCR amplicons to streptavidin-coated Sepharose beads. These beads are then immobilized with the vacuum tool of the workstation. PyroMark Denaturation Solution gently separates the complementary strand from the biotin-tagged strand destined to become the Pyrosequencing template, and PyroMark Wash Buffer ensures that only the biotin-tagged, single-stranded DNA remains immobilized to the vacuum tool. Finally, when the single-stranded DNA is released into reaction vessels containing the Pyrosequencing primer, hybridization of primer and template is enhanced by PyroMark Annealing Buffer.

Артикул: 979009
PyroMark Annealing Buffer
For annealing of sequencing primer to DNA template
Артикул: 979008
PyroMark Wash Buffer (conc., 200 ml)
For use with the PyroMark Q24 Vacuum Workstation and PyroMark Q96 Vacuum Workstation to wash and neutralize the immobilized DNA
Артикул: 979007
PyroMark Denaturation Sol. (500 ml)
For denaturation of double-stranded PCR product into single-stranded DNA template
Артикул: 979006
PyroMark Binding Buffer (200 ml)
For binding of biotinylated PCR product to Sepharose beads