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QIAamp 96 Virus QIAcube HT Kit

For automated high-throughput purification of viral RNA and DNA from a variety of samples

  • Simple and reliable automated processing for cost and time savings
  • Suitable for many samples, including blood, tissues, swabs and body fluids
  • Consistent, high yields
  • Efficient removal of inhibitors and contaminants
  • Purified nucleic acids ready for analysis by real-time PCR or RT-PCR

The QIAamp 96 Virus QIAcube HT Kit enables simple, automated purification of viral RNA and DNA on the QIAcube HT system. Using proven QIAamp silica-membrane technology in a convenient 96-well format, contaminants and inhibitors are removed to yield high-quality nucleic acids that are ready for downstream analysis.

Артикул: 950067
QIAcube HT Plasticware
Plasticware for 480 typical preps on QIAcube HT:
5 S-Blocks, 5 Elution Microtubes RS (EMTR), 120 x 8-Well Strip Caps for EMTR, 9 x 96 Filter-Tips OnCor C, TapePad
Артикул: 57731
QIAamp 96 Virus QIAcube HT Kit (5)
For 480 preps: QIAamp 96 plates, QIAGEN Proteinase K, carrier RNA, buffers


The QIAamp 96 Virus QIAcube HT Kit enables automated purification of viral RNA and DNA from a broad range of sample types including fresh or frozen tissues, blood and other body fluids. The procedure yields high-quality viral nucleic acids that perform well in downstream PCR and RT-PCR analyses.

QIAcube HT with the dedicated QIAamp 96 Virus QIAcube HT Kit lets users increase sample purification throughput without having to compromise on quality or reliability. The procedure provides high yields of pure RNA or DNA that perform well in downstream analyses, similar to other QIAGEN DNA purification solutions.


The QIAamp 96 Virus QIAcube HT Kit combines the selective binding properties of a silica-based membrane with a high-throughput 96-well format, and is designed for fully automated, simultaneous processing of 24–96 samples on the QIAcube HT instrument.

Kit specifications

Specification Description
Number of samples 24–96 samples (to be processed in increments of 8)
Sample input volume Blood and other body fluids: up to 200 ?l (for sample volumes less than 200 ?l, add PBS) 
Tissues: up to 20 mg tissue
Elution volume 100 ?l
Duration 96 samples in approximately 145 minutes
24 samples in approximately 90 minutes


The QIAamp 96 Virus QIAcube HT procedure is fast and simple with the QIAcube HT instrument. Samples are lysed under highly denaturing conditions at room temperature in the presence of QIAGEN proteinase K and Buffer ACL, which together ensure the inactivation of nucleases. Adding Buffer ACB adjusts the binding conditions for the co-purification of DNA and RNA. The lysate is then transferred to a QIAamp 96 plate. During vacuum, nucleic acids are adsorbed onto the silica membranes while contaminants pass through. Three efficient wash steps remove the remaining contaminants and enzyme inhibitors, and nucleic acids are eluted in Buffer AVE. Some samples may require a pretreatment.


The high-quality nucleic acids are ready to use in all downstream applications, including sensitive detection assays using quantitative, real-time PCR or RT-PCR.