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QIAsymphony DNA Kits

For automated purification of DNA from 1–96 samples

  • Purification of DNA from a broad range of sample types
  • Novel, prefilled reagent cartridges for ease of use
  • High reproducibility through standardized processing
  • Bar codes enable tracking of samples and reagents

QIAsymphony DNA Kits enable automated purification of DNA from a broad range of sample types on the QIAsymphony SP with sample volumes of up to 1 ml. Genomic DNA can be purified from human whole blood, buffy coat, human and animal tissues, formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue (FFPE), cultured cells, and bacterial cultures. The QIAsymphony DNA Mini Kit also enables purification of viral nucleic acids from human whole blood. Optimized protocols provide high yields of pure DNA, and flexible elution volumes allow DNA concentration to be easily optimized for each downstream application. Novel, prefilled reagent cartridges reduce setup time and minimize manual handling. Bar code reading enables full tracking of reagents.

Артикул: 931255
QIAsymphony DNA Midi Kit (96)
For 96 preps of 1000 µl each: includes 2 reagent cartridges and enzyme racks and accessories
Артикул: 931236
QIAsymphony DNA Mini Kit (192)
For 192 preps of 200 µl each: includes 2 reagent cartridges and enzyme racks and accessories


Automated purification of DNA on the QIAsymphony SP provides high yields of DNA. Spectrophotometric analysis showed that the DNA was highly pure. DNA gave high-performance results in downstream PCR of a single-copy gene with no inhibition of PCR observed with 1 µl or 10 µl eluate in the amplification reaction.


QIAsymphony DNA Kits combine the speed and efficiency of silica-based purification of genomic DNA with the convenient handling of magnetic particles. Innovative, ready-to-run reagent cartridges are prefilled with magnetic particles and all reagents required for the purification procedure, including accessory enzymes and are automatically opened by the QIAsymphony SP, which helps to minimize the risk of environmental contamination. Worktable setup is rapid, which saves your valuable time. Simply place up to 2 reagent cartridges in the consumables drawer. The reagent cartridges can be either from the same kit or from different kits, enabling different purification procedures to be performed within the same run of 96 samples. Reagent volumes only for the selected number of samples are used, giving you complete cost control.


For tissues, cultured cells, and bacteria protocols, manual sample pretreatment is required. The purification procedure is designed to ensure safe and reproducible handling of potentially infectious samples, and comprises 4 steps: lyse, bind, wash, and elute. The user can choose between different elution volumes depending on the protocol. The QIAsymphony SP performs all steps of the purification procedure. Up to 96 samples are processed in a single run.

QIAsymphony DNA protocols

Protocol Kit Sample material Processed  volume
DNA Blood 200       QIAsymphony DNA Mini Kit (192) Human whole blood 200 ?l
DNA Blood 400      QIAsymphony DNA Midi Kit (96)  Human whole blood 400 ?l
DNA Blood 1000     QIAsymphony DNA Midi Kit (96) Human whole blood 1000 ?l
DNA Buffy Coat 200   QIAsymphony DNA Mini Kit (192) Buffy coat 200 ?l 
DNA Buffy Coat 400     QIAsymphony DNA Midi Kit (96)  Buffy coat   400 ?l 
Tissue LC 200  QIAsymphony DNA Mini Kit (192)  Pretreated sample lysates from tissue, FFPE tissue, cultured cells, and bacterial cultures; for example: heart (25 mg), lung (25 mg), kidney (25 mg), muscle (50 mg), Jurkat cells (2 x 106cells)* 200 ?l
Tissue HC 200  QIAsymphony DNA Mini Kit (192)  Pretreated sample lysates from tissue, cultured cells, and bacterial cultures; for example: spleen (25 mg), liver (25 mg), Jurkat cells (1 x107 cells), bacteria (4 x 109 cells)* 200 ?l
Virus Blood 200  QIAsymphony DNA Mini Kit (192) Human whole blood  200 ?l
* Values in brackets indicate the recommended maximum sample size.


DNA purified using QIAsymphony DNA Kits is of high quality and is ready for use in downstream applications, such as:

  • PCR and real-time PCR/li>
  • Genotyping, STR, and SNP analysis/li>
  • Sequencing

Applications PCR, Real-Time PCR, Genotyping
Elution volume Mini Kit: 50-200 µl; Midi Kit: 100-500 µl
Sample amount Mini Kit: 200 µl blood, up to 50 mg tissue or up to 1 x 10e7 cells; Midi Kit: 400 µl or 1000 µl blood
Sample type Blood; Cell culture (only Mini Kit); Tissue (only Mini Kit)
Yield Mini Kit: 4-10 µg from 200 µl blood; Midi Kit: 8-20 µg from 400 µl blood or 15-50 µg from 1000 µl blood