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NeXtal Stock solutions

For recreating Screening Suite conditions

The large range of buffers available allow the development of grids around the original hit conditions for optimization of crystallization conditions. NeXtal Stock Solutions enable users to recreate crystallization conditions with exactly the same high-quality chemicals used to produce the screening suites.

Артикул: 133294
NeXtal Stock Zinc chloride (200)
2M Zinc chloride 200 ml
Артикул: 133293
NeXtal Stock Zinc acetate (200)
1,5M Zinc Acetate Dihydrate 200 ml
Артикул: 133292
NeXtal Stock Xylitol (200)
70%(w/v) Xylitol 200 ml
Артикул: 133291
NeXtal Stock Water (200)
100% (v/v) Water 200 ml
Артикул: 133290
NeXtal Stock TRIS-HCl pH 8.8 (200)
1M TRIS Hydrochloride pH 8.8 200 ml
Артикул: 133289
NeXtal Stock TRIS-HCl pH 8.6 (200)
1M TRIS Hydrochloride pH 8.6 200 ml
Артикул: 133288
NeXtal Stock TRIS-HCl pH 8.4 (200)
1M TRIS Hydrochloride pH 8.4 200 ml
Артикул: 133287
NeXtal Stock TRIS-HCl pH 8.2 (200)
1M TRIS Hydrochloride pH 8.2 200 ml
Артикул: 133286
NeXtal Stock TRIS-HCl pH 8.0 (200)
1M TRIS Hydrochloride pH 8.0 200 ml
Артикул: 133285
NeXtal Stock TRIS pH 9.0 (200)
1M Tris pH9 200 ml
Артикул: 133284
NeXtal Stock TRIS pH 8.0 (200)
1M Tris pH8 200 ml
Артикул: 133283
NeXtal Stock TRIS pH 7.0 (200)
1M Tris pH7 200 ml
Артикул: 133282
NeXtal Stock Trimethylamine N-Oxide (100)
1M Trimethylamine N-Oxide 100 ml
Артикул: 133281
NeXtal Stock TRICINE pH 8.5 (200)
1M Tricine pH8,5 200 ml
Артикул: 133280
NeXtal Stock TRICINE pH 7.5 (200)
1M Tricine pH7,5 200 ml
Артикул: 133279
NeXtal Stock Succinic acid pH 7.0 (200)
1M Succinic Acid pH 7,0 200 ml
Артикул: 133278
NeXtal Stock SPG pH 4.0 (200)
1M SPG pH 4.0 200 ml
Артикул: 133277
NeXtal Stock SPG pH 10.0 (200)
1M SPG pH 10.0 200 ml
Артикул: 133276
NeXtal Stock Spermine (100)
0,1M Spermine 100 ml
Артикул: 133275
NeXtal Stock Spermidine (200)
0.1 M Spermidine 200 ml
Артикул: 133274
NeXtal Stock PVP K15 (200)
50%(w/v) Polyvinylpyrrolidone K15 200 ml


Protein crystallization is the most commonly used technique for resolving protein structures at the atomic level. It is difficult to predict the optimal conditions for growing the high-quality crystals that are needed. Normally the conditions have to be individually determined for each protein. When determining the conditions for crystallization the initial screening range should cover a large part of the chemical space to enhance the chance of crystal formation. Subsequently, grids can be built around the initial hit conditions to optimize the crystallization conditions.