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BioSprint 96 DNA Blood Kit

For rapid and economical automated purification of DNA from a wide range of samples

  • Complete removal of contamination and inhibitors
  • Purification of high-quality DNA that is ready for use
  • Automated procedure saves time and effort
  • No organic extraction or alcohol precipitation

The BioSprint 96 DNA Blood Kit provides all reagents and plasticware necessary for automated purification of genomic DNA from cultured cells, tissues, blood, dried blood spots, and buccal swabs using magnetic particle technology on the BioSprint 96.

Артикул: 940057
BioSprint 96 DNA Blood Kit (384)
For 384 preps: Large 96-Rod Covers, 96-Well Microplates MP, S-Blocks, MagAttract Suspension G, buffers and reagents
Артикул: 940054
BioSprint 96 DNA Blood Kit (48)
For 48 preps: Large 96-Rod Covers, 96-Well Microplates MP, S-Blocks, MagAttract Suspension G, buffers and reagents


The BioSprint 96 DNA Blood Kit enables purification of DNA from a variety of sample types (see table).

Typical yields from a range of sample types

Sample type Amount of sample DNA (µg)
Muscle, bovine 25 mg 13.5 ± 1.5
Heart, bovine 25 mg 3.4 ± 0.6
Spleen, bovine 25 mg 59.1 ± 4.8
Lung, bovine 25 mg 14.7 ± 5.5
Liver, bovine 25 mg 74.0 ± 22.3
Kidney, bovine 25 mg 33.5 ± 5.4
Tail, mouse 1.2 cm (~25 mg) 30.9 ± 4.5
HL-60 cultured cells 2 x 106 cells 9.6 ± 5.6
Blood, human
(5–7 x 106 cells per ml)
200 µl 4.5–9.0
Blood, bovine 200 µl 4.4–7.0
Blood, sheep 200 µl 1.2–8.0
Blood, pig 200 µl 4.5–9.0
Blood, dog 200 µl 6.9–16.1
Blood, cat 100 µl 2.9–6.3
Blood, mouse 100 µl 1.5–3.0
Blood, rat 100 µl 1.0–3.0
Dried blood spots, 903 Specimen Collection Paper 1 punch (6 mm [1/4 inch] diameter) 0.10
Dried blood spots, FTA Card 1 punch (6 mm [1/4 inch] diameter) 0.05
Buccal swabs 1 swab 0.8–2.0
Genomic DNA was purified from the indicated samples. DNA was eluted in 200 µl Buffer AE.
Purified DNA is up to 50 kb in size. The DNA is ready to use in all downstream applications, including Southern blotting and enzyme applications such as PCR.


The BioSprint 96 DNA Blood Kit is used with the BioSprint 96. The kit uses magnetic-particle technology for rapid DNA purification from cells, tissue, and blood or blood-related products. The BioSprint 96 controls an array of magnetic rods that can attract or release magnetic particles and transfer them from well to well. The sequential transfer of magnetic particles allows a rapid purification procedure to be performed, from the initial binding of DNA to the particles, through to washing of the particles and elution of pure DNA. Since the instrument transfers magnetic particles instead of liquids, it uses minimal amounts of reagents, enabling cost-efficient sample preparation.


Genomic DNA can be purified from cells, tissue, and blood. Lysed samples are loaded into the instrument, which then performs all steps until pure DNA is obtained. The kit provides all the necessary reagents and plasticware for sample preparation, and is available in different sizes, allowing cost-efficient use of consumables.

For purification of genomic DNA from tissue, dried blood spots, or buccal swabs, Buffer ATL and QIAGEN Proteinase K are required (not supplied with the BioSprint 96 DNA Blood Kit). We recommend sealing S-Blocks with Tape Pads during sample processing (not needed for rapid blood protocol).


The BioSprint 96 DNA Blood Kit purifies DNA for use in a range of downstream applications, including:

  • Southern blotting
  • PCR and real-time PCR
  • Genotyping

Applications PCR, real-time PCR, genotyping, blotting
Elution volume Custom
For automated processing BioSprint 96 workstation
Format S-Block, 96-well plate
Main sample type Blood, tissue, cells
Processing Automated
Purification of total RNA, miRNA, poly A+ mRNA, DNA or protein DNA
Sample amount 100–250 µl
Technology Magnetic particles
Time per run or per prep 45 minutes
Yield Varies