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MagAttract PowerSoil DNA Kit

For the automated, hands-free isolation of DNA from soil

  • Optimized for hands-free, automated processing
  • High-quality DNA isolation from tough soil, stool and other environmental samples
  • Inhibitor Removal Technology eliminates PCR-inhibiting compounds
  • Increased DNA yield with ClearMag technology that removes organic inhibitors

Isolate microbial DNA from soil and environmental samples with the MagAttract PowerSoil DNA Kit. Optimized for automated systems, the MagAttract PowerSoil DNA Kit processes up to 0.25 g of soil, sediment, compost or stool. The combination of Inhibitor Removal Technology and ClearMag magnetic particle technology enables the purification of DNA without organic inhibitors, providing high-quality, pure DNA for downstream applications.

Protocols are available for the Eppendorf epMotion and Thermo Scientific KingFisher, but this kit can also be used with a host of automated processing and liquid handling systems.

The MagAttract PowerSoil DNA Kit was formerly sold by MO BIO as PowerMag Soil DNA Isolation Kit.

Артикул: 27100-4-EP-BP
MAPS PowerBead DNA Plates, Garnet (4)
MagAttract PowerSoil DNA Isolation Kit Components (For Automated Liquid Handling Systems)
Артикул: 27100-4-EP
MagAttract PowerSoil DNA EP Kit (384)
For the hands-free isolation of DNA from soil using automated processing and liquid handling systems
Артикул: 27000-4-KF-3
ClearMag Binding Solution (200 ml)
MagAttract PowerSoil DNA KF Kit Components (Optimized for KingFisher).
Артикул: 27000-4-KF
MagAttract PowerSoil DNA KF Kit
For the automated, hands-free isolation of DNA from soil

Bead size 0.7 mm garnet
Binding capacity 500 µg per 20 µl of beads
Format ClearMag Technology
Processing Bead beating
Sample size 0.25 g
Sample types Processed soil and stool
Storage temperature RNase A should be stored at 4°C The other kit reagents and components should be stored at room temperature (15-30°C)
Throughput 96-well plate