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PAXgene Tissue DNA Kit

For purification of DNA from tissues fixed and stabilized with the PAXgene Tissue System

  • Effective purification of high-quality, unmodified DNA
  • Preserved tissue morphology
  • Protocols for paraffin-embedded and paraffin-free tissues
  • Automated purification on the QIAcube

The PAXgene Tissue DNA Kit is intended for the purification of DNA from PAXgene Tissue-fixed (PF) and PAXgene Tissue-fixed, paraffin-embedded (PFPE) tissue samples. The kit is intended to be used as part of the PAXgene Tissue System, which also includes the PAXgene Tissue FIX Container and PAXgene Tissue STABILIZER Concentrate for the collection, fixation, stabilization and storage of tissues samples.

Артикул: 767134
PAXgene Tissue DNA Kit (50)
For 50 DNA preps: PAXgene DNA Mini Spin Columns, Processing Tubes, Microcentrifuge Tubes, Carrier RNA, and Buffers; to be used in conjunction with PAXgene Tissue Containers


Total DNA isolated with the PAXgene Tissue DNA Kit is highly pure. DNA has A260/A280 ratios of 1.7–1.9, and absorbance scans show a symmetrical peak at 260 nm confirming the high purity of genomic DNA. Contamination is minimal and purified DNA is ready to be used in downstream applications with no detectable inhibition of PCR.


The PAXgene Tissue DNA Kit enables purification of DNA from tissues fixed and stabilized using the PAXgene Fixation and Stabilization reagents, which preserve tissue morphology and biomolecule integrity by avoiding destructive crosslinking and degradation found in formalin-fixed tissues. The purified DNA has no inhibitory chemical modifications and thus, can be used in sensitive downstream applications.



PAXgene Tissue-fixed (PF) or PAXgene Tissue-fixed, paraffin-embedded (PFPE) tissue samples are lysed in Buffer TD1 with proteinase K. Conditions are adjusted for optimal binding of DNA to the silica membrane and the lysate is loaded on the PAXgene DNA spin column. DNA binds to the membrane while contaminants pass through. Enzyme inhibitors are effectively removed with subsequent washes and pure DNA is eluted in a low-salt elution buffer.

The PAXgene Tissue DNA Kit provides 2 protocols for purification of DNA from different starting materials: from sections of PFPE tissues and from PF tissue samples (without paraffin embedding).


DNA purification using the PAXgene Tissue DNA Kit can be uatomated on the QIAcube, enabling:

  • Elimination of manual processing steps
  • Elimination of up to 75% hands-on time compared to manual processing
  • Processing of up to 12 samples per run
  • Processing of normal, fibrous or fat-rich PAXgene Tissue-fixed samples
  • Processing of 2–5 sections of PFPE tissue samples

Two protocols are available for automated purification from different starting materials:

  • DNA from PFPE tissue sections, staring with pellets of 2–5 deparaffinized PFPE tissue sections
  • DNA from tissue samples fixed and stabilized in a PAXgene Tissue FIX Container, starting with lysates from up to 10 mg fixed and stabilized tissue, homogenized in lysis buffer TD1


The purified DNA is ready to use in a wide range of downstream applications, including:

  • PCR, multiplex, long-range and quantitative, real-time PCR
  • Southern blotting
  • SNP genotyping
  • Next-generation sequencing (NGS)

Applications PCR and quantitative, real-time PCR, Southern blotting, pharmacogenomic studies, SNP discovery and SNP genotyping
Elution volume 14–40 µl
Format Spin column
Main sample type Human tissue
Processing Manual (centrifugation)
Sample amount 4 x 15 x 15 mm
Technology Silica technology
Time per run 30 min + 120 min incubation/8 samples
Yield Depends on tissue type and starting material (fixed or PFPE*) * PAXgene Fixed Paraffin Embedded.