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QIAamp DNA Mini Kit

For isolation of genomic, mitochondrial, bacterial, parasite or viral DNA

  • Rapid purification of high-quality, ready-to-use DNA
  • Consistent, high yields
  • Complete removal of contaminants and inhibitors

The QIAamp DNA Mini Kit provides silica-membrane-based nucleic acid purification from tissues, swabs, CSF, blood, body fluids, or washed cells from urine. No mechanical homogenization is necessary as the tissues are lysed enzymatically. The convenient spin-column procedure reduces hands-on preparation time to 20 minutes. Purification of DNA using the QIAamp DNA Mini Kit can be automated on the QIAcube Connect.

Артикул: 51306
QIAamp DNA Mini Kit (250)
For 250 DNA preps: 250 QIAamp Mini Spin Columns, QIAGEN Proteinase K, Reagents, Buffers, Collection Tubes (2 ml)
Артикул: 51304
QIAamp DNA Mini Kit (50)
For 50 DNA preps: 50 QIAamp Mini Spin Columns, QIAGEN Proteinase K, Reagents, Buffers, Collection Tubes (2 ml)


DNA purified using the QIAamp DNA Mini Kit can be used in a wide range of downstream applications, including PCR and quantitative real-time PCR, Southern blotting, SNP and STR genotyping, and pharmocogenomic research.

The QIAamp DNA Mini Kit yields DNA sized up to 50 kb. DNA of this length denatures completely and has the highest amplification efficiency. Yields of nucleic acids or DNA depend on the starting material (see table).

QIAamp sample preparation technology is fully licensed, allowing QIAamp purified nucleic acids to be used in any molecular assay or other downstream application without risk of patent infringement.

Typical yields with the QIAamp DNA Mini Kit

Sample Amount  Total nucleic acid yields (µg)* DNA yields (µg)
Blood 200 µl 4–12 4–12
Buffy coat 200 µl 25–50 25–50
Cells 106 20–30 15–20
Liver 25 mg 60–115 10–30
Brain 25 mg 35–60 15–30
Lung 25 mg 25–45 5–10
Heart 25 mg 15–40 5–10
Kidney 25 mg 40–85 15–30
Spleen 10 mg 25–45 5–30
* Nucleic acids obtained without RNase treatment.
Nucleic acids obtained with RNase treatment.


The QIAamp DNA Mini Kit simplifies isolation of DNA from human tissue samples with fast spin-column or vacuum procedures. No phenol–chloroform extraction is required. DNA binds specifically to the QIAamp silica-gel membrane while contaminants pass through. PCR inhibitors, such as divalent cations and proteins, are completely removed in two efficient wash steps, leaving pure DNA to be eluted in either water or a buffer provided with the kit. QIAamp DNA technology yields genomic, mitochondrial, bacterial, parasite, or viral DNA from human tissue samples ready to use in PCR and blotting procedures.


Optimized buffers and enzymes lyse samples, stabilize nucleic acids, and enhance selective DNA adsorption to the QIAamp membrane. Alcohol is added and lysates loaded onto the QIAamp spin column. Wash buffers are used to remove impurities and pure, ready-to-use DNA is then eluted in water or low-salt buffer.

No mechanical homogenization is necessary as the tissues are lysed enzymatically, and the convenient spin-column procedure means that hands-on preparation time is only 20 minutes (lysis times differ according to the sample source). Samples can be processed using either a microcentrifuge or, if blood or other body fluids are being processed, using the QIAvac 24 Plus or QIAvac 6S vacuum manifold. In addition, the rigorous lysis procedure employed makes the QIAamp DNA Mini Kit ideal for purification of genomic DNA from bacteria or parasites. To further reduce hands-on time, genomic DNA purification may be automated on the QIAcube.

Vacuum processing

Blood or other body fluids can be processed by vacuum, instead of centrifugation, for greater speed and convenience in DNA purification. QIAamp Mini spin columns are accommodated on the QIAvac 24 Plus manifold using VacValves and VacConnectors. VacValves should be used if sample flow rates differ significantly, to ensure consistent vacuum. Disposable VacConnectors are used to avoid any cross-contamination. Use of VacConnectors also allows these QIAamp spin procedures to be performed on QIAvac 6S with QIAvac Luer Adapters.


The QIAamp DNA Mini Kit is ideal for purification of DNA from most commonly used human tissue samples, including muscle, liver, heart, brain, bone marrow, and other tissues, swabs (buccal, eye, nasal, pharyngeal, and others), CSF, blood, body fluids, and washed cells from urine. DNA can be purified from up to 25 mg tissue or from up to 200 µl fluid in 20 minutes, and eluted in 50–200 µl.

Applications PCR, Southern blotting
Elution volume 50–200 µl
Format Spin column
Main sample type Whole blood, tissue, cells
Processing Manual (centrifugation or vacuum)
Purification of total RNA, miRNA, poly A+ mRNA, DNA or protein Genomic DNA, mitochondrial DNA, bacterial DNA, parasite DNA, viral DNA
Sample amount 200 µl/25 mg/5 x 10e6
Technology Silica technology
Time per run or per prep 20 minutes
Yield 4–30 µg