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QIAGEN Large-Construct Kit

For purification of up to 50 μg BAC, PAC, and P1 DNA or up to 200 μg cosmid DNA, free of genomic DNA

  • Efficient removal of genomic DNA contamination
  • Pure, transfection-grade large-construct DNA
  • Easy and simple procedure

The QIAGEN Large-Construct Kit provides gravity-flow, anion-exchange columns for purification of large-molecular-weight DNA. A unique integrated ATP-dependent exonuclease digestion step ensures selective removal of contaminating genomic DNA. The purified DNA is equivalent to that obtained by 2 x CsCl gradient centrifugation and is suitable for transfection.

Артикул: 12462
QIAGEN Large-Construct Kit (10)
10 QIAGEN-tip 500, Reagents, Buffers, ATP-Dependent Exonuclease


DNA purified using the QIAGEN Large-Construct Kit is free of genomic DNA contamination. This removal of genomic DNA ensures accurate and reliable DNA quantitation, which enables sensitive experiments to be carried out under defined and reproducible conditions.


DNA purification using the QIAGEN Large-Construct  Kit uses an optimized gravity-flow procedure which yields DNA of significantly greater purity than that obtained with other commonly used methods. A unique integrated treatment with ATP-Dependent Exonuclease enables efficient removal of genomic DNA.

The unique anion-exchange resin in QIAGEN-tips, included in the QIAGEN Large-Construct Kit, is developed exclusively for the purification of nucleic acids. Its exceptional separation properties result in DNA purity equivalent or superior to that obtained by two successive rounds of CsCl gradient centrifugation. Prepacked QIAGEN-tips operate by gravity flow and never run dry, minimizing the hands-on time required for plasmid preparation. The entire QIAGEN plasmid purification system avoids the use of toxic substances such as phenol, chloroform, ethidium bromide, and CsCl, minimizing hazard both to the user and the environment.


Following alkaline lysis of up to 500 ml culture, a unique integrated digestion step with ATP-dependent exonuclease provided with the kit, ensures selective removal of contaminating genomic DNA, as well as nicked or damaged construct DNA. The sample is then loaded onto the anion-exchange tip, where plasmid DNA selectively binds under appropriate low-salt and pH conditions. RNA, proteins, metabolites, and other low-molecular-weight impurities are removed by a medium-salt wash. Genomic DNA-free, pure plasmid DNA is eluted in high-salt buffer. The DNA is concentrated and desalted by isopropanol precipitation and collected by centrifugation.


DNA purified using the QIAGEN Large-Construct Kit is suitable for any application, including:

  • Subcloning and preparation of shotgun libraries
  • Direct sequencing of large-construct DNA
  • Transfection

Applications Subcloning, transfection, sequencing etc.
Culture volume/starting material
Plasmid type BAC, PAC, P1, cosmid DNA
Processing Manual (centrifugation)
Samples per run (throughput) 1 sample per run
Technology Anion-exchange technology
Time per run or prep per run 280 min